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What's New to the World of BBQ?

Glenwood South is adding a new member to the Bunch of Fives Hospitality family, and its name is Southern Charred. It has been a long time coming, but it is finally ready. This restaurant is very inviting, and takes pride in its southern roots. When you walk in you see a quaint design of the state of North Carolina made out of lights. This is a very aesthetically pleasing restaurant with an industrial modern flair. The idea behind the set-up is to provide an open concept with a comfortable environment perfect for eating, drinking and even challenging friends to games. Southern Charred offers a variety of different choices in terms of food from Pulled Pork, Brisket Sandwiches to Mama's Garden Salad. The possibilities seem almost endless. This is the perfect place to come spend time with friends and family, while enjoying the company of those you may not have met before.

This dining hall feel enables us to chat freely with those around us, and even get ideas of what to order if you are having a hard time deciding. This concept was designed for the minimalists, who enjoy the simple beauties, like the high ceilings and incandescent lightbulbs. Our favorite touch is the two garage doors that open up for a view of Glenwood Avenue, and the one on the other side facing West Johnson Street.

You can't forget the multitude of drink options offered. There are so many options that will satisfy your palette. The Front Porch Tea is a game changer made with Peach Moonshine, Lemonade and Sweet Tea will change the way you drink your alcohol. Not into the sweet? You are covered with nine draft options from local breweries. In addition to the local draft beers and Front Porch Tea there are many more options for your hand-crafted cocktail.

We would highly recommend checking out Southern Charred if you are as much of a BBQ fiend as we are. You will not be sorry, and with ample parking all over Glenwood there is really no excuse not to check this place out. Go to to learn more about the restaurant and grand opening!

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