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A Very Southern Charred Thanksgiving

Come out and join us on Sunday, November 19th for our first ever Friendsgiving. We are hoping that in preparation for all of the turkey consumption the following Thursday all of you would like to come out for some BBQ pork instead?

From 6 PM to 11 PM we will have an all you can eat buffet. What could be better? In addition to an all you can eat buffet we will be donating a portion of our bar proceeds to CASA NC. For those who are unsure of what this is, it is an organization that develops and maintains affordable housing, and provides successful living for those who may be struggling. If you would like to learn more about CASA NC go to

We are hoping to see all of you here, and with the holidays literally around the corner this is a great time to show your generosity and/or your ability to consume large quantities of alcohol! For more information about this event go to and search Southern Charred.

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