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Our Food Favorites

Are you a Foodie like we are? We've got you covered with some of our favorite food items from the Bunch of Fives family. Starting with our newest food establishment, Southern Charred. Obviously we love everything we serve, but if we have to narrow it down we choose the Brisket Sandwich. This has just the perfect amount of meat to leave you satisfied, but hating to take that last bite. Pairing it with one of our four homemade BBQ sauces will put that personal touch on your sandwich.

Moving on to our next concept... MOFU Shoppe. We really enjoy our Sweet & Sour Octopus Bowl and our Gochujang Chicken Pasta. These favorites will be sure to knock you on your feet. The Sweet & Sour Octopus Bowl is a decadent dish that will leave your taste buds talking. If you're in the mood for a large plate the Gochujang Chicken Pasta is the one you will want to share.

Though Dogwood Bar & Eatery is not solely a food establishment, we have a few food options that are out of this world. Our favorite is the Charcuterie Board. It is the perfect size to share with a few people, and it offers a multitude of options to pick from, including: cheeses, meats, local preserves, olives, dried & fresh fruit, and a variety of breads and crackers. What could be better?

We can't forget about Milk Bar and Anchor Bar. Even though we don't sell food we have some of the best cocktails and draft beers in Downtown Raleigh. We encourage all of you to come out on these chilly nights and enjoy a drink to make you feel warm inside! Can't wait to see all of y'all!

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