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Our Fall Favorite Cocktails

Wow, the fall season has never been so adventurous with their drink selection. Bunch of Fives is changing the drinking game this season with a signature seasonal drink choice for each of the concepts.

First pick of the season is Milk Bar's "Tennessee Harvest'. This special drink is made with Jack Daniel's Rye Whiskey, fresh pressed lemon juice with allspice and cinnamon syrup, cranberry juice and topped with apple cider. This is a crisp fall drink that will leave you feeling replenished. This drink will be served in an old fashioned glass with a big rock. What is special about this drink is the Jack Daniel's Rye Whiskey, it is new to their brand. It's a liquor forward drink to sip on but has a refreshing balance to it.

Second, pick is from Southern Charred's "Nanny's Pickled Beets". This alluring drink is made with Death's Door Gin, fresh lime, simple syrup, beet juice and rosemary. This drink is served on the rocks with a pickled beet slice on the side. There is no other cocktail like this in Raleigh, it is easy to drink, and could turn someone who is indifferent about beets into a beet lover!

Third pick is Anchor Bar's "Side Piece", which is made with Copper & Kings Brandy, Flor De Cana Gold, fresh lemon and raw sugar. This signature cocktail is served in a sugared wine glass with a lemon tail. This drink is a play off the classic "Side Car" cocktail. This is a boozy cocktail to watch out for since it is so easy to drink.

Last but not least, Mofu Shoppe's "Hot Tammy". This cocktail is made with Don Q Rum, Zucca, Fair Game Apple Brandy, Tamarind Agave, lemon and ghost pepper honey. This interesting drink idea does a great job playing the spicy and sweet off each other. It'll warm you up in the cold weather to come.

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